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Yes you may. Once you have registered and cast your opinion on any iOpined question, you may then create your own question. However, the question you create should be related to the iOpined question that you cast your opinion on.

Absolutely. Other users will see your question in relation to its parent iOpine question and will be able to opine on your question.

Yes. You will be able to see how many people opined on a question and what was their opinion. Same for the questions you create.

No. iOpined brings you questions derived from news. You may express your opinions on those questions as a YES or a NO.

No. While it appears to be a Polling App, iOpined was created as a platform for users to be able to ask questions and express their opinions on questions ask.

Because an opinion must be expressed. There are many ways you can express your opinion, iOpined being one. Your opinion counts.

You will know what people think about news or issues that matter to you. It is as enriching to know how people feel about current issues as it is to express your opinions on them.